Volunteering with the Commonwealth Market

The Commonwealth Market volunteer team works on key aspects of the organization's research, development, and coordination. Volunteers willing to make a commitment to the work of the Commonwealth Market gain hands on experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors and contribute greatly to the success of our organization. Volunteers typically have strong skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Web & Software Development
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Nonprofit Program Design & Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Development

Experienced Professionals and Experts

Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Young Professionals

To apply for our exciting, hands-on internship program, please submit a cover letter and resume to jobs@thecommonwealthmarket.org. Make sure to review available opportunities and application deadlines on the Commonwealth Market's Idealist jobs page before applying and remember to apply early since the application process is very competitive. Available positions are for individuals looking to commit 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours/week depending on the internship program, the position, and the skill level of the applicant.

Internship Programs
  • Fall Semester: September - December
  • Spring Semester: January - April
  • Summer: June - August
  • Co-op: July - December & January - June
Colleges and Universities of Past and Current Interns