The Commonwealth Market empowers nonprofit organizations to reach their full potential by providing tools and services that enable them to produce higher levels of well-being for their beneficiaries.

Nonprofit organizations work hard to provide services vital to the well-being of millions of Americans. Despite their best efforts, many nonprofits lack the tools and training to become high-performing, high-impact organizations that create measurable social value. Consequently, many donors lack meaningful information about nonprofits needed to make effective giving decisions. The Commonwealth Market provides the tools and services needed to ensure nonprofits and donors maximize their potential in creating and sustaining reliable social value.

Current Target Population

Education and youth focused nonprofits across Massachusetts

Theory of Change

If nonprofit organizations are provided with tools and services to measure program outcomes and manage performance, they will improve their operations and programs and create greater social value. If donors are provided with timely, accurate, meaningful information and measurements of nonprofits based on performance and outcomes, donors will orient giving toward high-performance, high-impact organizations. By addressing the needs of the market, nonprofits producing measurable social value for program participants will have the donor resources needed to continue and grow their beneficial work.

Evaluation & Impact

We are currently finalizing our evaluation and impact standards for public release. Please inquire if you are interested in how we plan to evaluate our organization’s impact.