About the Commonwealth Market

What is the Commonwealth Market?

The CWM is a service provider for nonprofits and donors which:

  1. Empowers nonprofits with trainings and assessments to effectively measure program outcomes and manage organizational performance.
  2. Provides a robust online marketplace based on important social value information where nonprofits are able to reach new donors, showcase organizational successes, and increase funding prospects.

What are we trying to accomplish?

Nonprofits take on a significant amount of social responsibility by creating services and programs to address the major social issues confronting the United States, yet the nonprofit marketplace — focused heavily on financial information and personal anecdotes — hinders most organizations from reaching their full potential. The CWM aims to rebuild the nonprofit marketplace by empowering nonprofits and their donors with meaningful tools, services and information in order to maximize the measurable improvements produced in the lives of individuals and welfare of communities. Over time as nonprofits strengthen their work and donors have the information to make wise investments, the sector will increase in capacity to more effectively tackle social issues on a local and national level.

Who are we?

The Commonwealth Market is mainly comprised of a dedicated volunteer team who have extensive experience in the nonprofit, finance, and technology sectors. Prior to founding the Commonwealth Market, team members worked in separate fields and created viable companies in the nonprofit, education, construction, and industrial markets sectors. The CWM team has been working together since 2009 to build the organization from the ground up.

Full-time Staff
Alexander Alvanos, President and Chief Executive Officer

Alex has over five years of experience coordinating programs for organizations and foundations in Boston, Niger, Thailand, and Palestine and helped to build and grow a national nonprofit, the Millennium Campus Network.

Alex has consulted for numerous organizations including Children’s Hospital and Dartmouth University and given various workshops on organizational design and development following his experience in the sector. In 2008, Alex was one of five individuals selected nationally to receive the Howard R. Swearer Humanitarian Award.

Who sponsors us?

The Deshpande Foundation Approach

The Deshpande Foundation believes strongly in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive change and improvement in the world today. The foundation takes a hands-on approach with its grant partners to help them achieve their objectives, grow their organizations and become the change agents that they strive to be. The Foundation looks for the following qualities in its partners:

  • An innovative idea - simple but powerful in its potential
  • An entrepreneur - strong and passionate about the idea
  • A scalable solution - with the potential to impact millions of lives

Discover more about the Deshpande Foundation at their website: